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Shireen Qureshi

My work revolves around the human body as its central theme. In my paintings I aim to edge the viewer into a voyeuristic world which simultaneously touches upon both the strange and the everyday. I draw from the sensations of the human figure, such as the contorted simplicity of sleeping or the suggestive texture of flesh, as well as the ambiguities supplied by the paint itself. The paintings are also influenced by the influx of technology into our lives, the play of reveal and conceal which takes place on the internet, and the way our lives are often lit by the emitted light of electronic device. I take influence from sound, literature and travel; I think living in Japan in 2014-15 and studying calligraphy has definitely left its traces on my work. I am currently involved in the play between an interest in electronic light sources, hyperactive colours or sounds, while working in a traditional medium and remaining fascinated by the physical qualities of brush stroke, form, flatness and colour.